“Seriously? Why is This Not Taught in Computer Science at University?”

November 25, 2018

The benefit of tertiary education — and its undeniable continuous devaluation over the years — is a broad and heavily debated topic. Whether getting a university degree is a worthwhile endeavor from an educational point of view or whether it’s just effort that directly translates into a piece of paper employers expect you to have is for every individual to decide. During my time on the computer science bench, I have often asked myself “why on earth do I have to study this when they could be teaching that instead?” The university’s priorities did not seem to align with mine, or with workplace requirements for that matter. In this post, I’m going to explore a number of topics that haven’t been taught at university when they really should have been.

“Hiatus Be Gone!”

September 29, 2018

Wait, what’s this? A wild POST appeared — seemingly out of nowhere — after a three year dry period without a single update. I’ve received a few pings and pokes every once in a while from people asking whether they can expect new content any time soon. Sorry for the wait but thanks for asking!

“Why Does This Blog Suck?”

April 30, 2014

What could possibly be the best way to start this blog other than describing why it sucks? On the about page I briefly pointed out why I created this website. Well, here it is (at least in some early version). What’s missing is the actual content – or rather – a number of things that are so incredibly bad that you should try to avoid them. I’m hoping to fill this site with some more information in the near future and create a blog serving as an educational collection of, let’s say, pretty awful stuff.