“Hiatus Be Gone!”

September 29, 2018

Wait, what’s this? A wild POST appeared — seemingly out of nowhere — after a three year dry period without a single update. I’ve received a few pings and pokes every once in a while from people asking whether they can expect new content any time soon. Sorry for the wait but thanks for asking!

“Guys, It's True: Coding Sucks!”

February 27, 2015

Did you ever question your decision to become a software engineer? Have you ever wondered how on earth you could possibly think that fixing other people’s screw-ups for a living was worthwhile? Don’t you constantly remind yourself that spending one evening in the purgatories of hell would be much more pleasurable than that upcoming all-nighter you have to pull off because your team is behind schedule again? Or are you just that masochistic to do it voluntarily in your free time because that’s what nerds do? Actually, most of us probably do that. Coding sucks, but we’re loving it!

“Why Does The Imperial System Suck?”

October 17, 2014

As an engineer and genuinely tech interested guy, I’m generally all up for global standardization and enforcing consistency wherever possible. However, there is this nuisance that keeps stinging me at least once a week: the Imperial System with all its outdated ways of measurement and nonsensical units. I mean, seriously, the entire world got rid of it except “La Résistance” — a small number of indomitable countries fighting with overwhelming reluctance against the thorough introduction of the metric system.