“About This Site”

April 09, 2014 (March 02, 2016)

What’s going on here?

As a software engineer and graduate in computer science with an interest in programming since middle school, I frequently come across things that could be so much better than they are. Unfortunately, they are not. I felt the need to create something that is dedicated to existing software and concepts that just suck and make life unnecessarily more difficult by being a giant pain in the rear.

Thoughts and rants on things that could have been so much better...

I am trying to point out the most tremendous failures that are being shipped out with the products in question. Diving into those issues makes me want to cry and burst into laughter at the same time. Over and over again I have asked myself: “How is this even possible? How can this possibly suck so hard?” – and yet it continues without any changes in sight in the near future. This is quite sad really. It seems that this is the curse all software engineers have to live with…

Yet Another Rant Site?

Definitely not. The degree of ranting largely depends on the lack of quality of whatever I’m reviewing. I try to keep things as objective as possible, though I do obviously focus on the bad parts you should (or already do) know about if you have the unfortunate pleasure of having to work with that stuff.

“Hey, this doesn’t suck!”

Oh yes it does, my friend, it does. All posts published on this website are based on my own personal opinion. I am well aware that I might be exaggerating certain parts. It may also be that there are better alternatives available, however, this is not the point. I created this blog to let the world know about product issues that should have never been there in the first place.